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Warner Propeller Services

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Warner Propeller & Governor Co. 


Propeller & Governor Overhaul
Warner Propeller has been overhauling propellers and governors for over 50 years. Warner Propeller has built its reputation over the past 5 decades on reliable, dependable, quality overhauls with a strong emphasis on workmanship. All overhauls are performed in accordance with the latest manufacturer's overhaul manuals. All mandatory parts are replaced per the manufacturer's manuals. All service bullitens, service letters and airworthiness directives are researched and complied with. Warner Propeller is a full service shop.  This means most all processes can be completed in house thereby eliminating the time and expense of shipping parts out for services.  When completed, the type certificated propeller or governor will be issued an FAA 8130-3 return to service document with zero hours Time Since Overhaul. Please visit our Overhaul Shop Tour Page to see a detailed description and photos of the complete overhaul process.

Warner Propeller has an approved FAA Drug Plan.

New Sales
Warner Propeller sells factory new propellers, propeller kits, STCs, governors, accumulators, spinner assemblies and parts. Buying a new propeller can be stressful with all the choices.-  Which manufacturer? 2 or 3 blades? Will I have to change or have my governor adjusted? Let the experts at Warner Propeller help you make the best decision for your situation.   Give us a call or contact us via email using our quote form located on our Contact Us page.

Overhauled and Serviceable Sales
                                                                                                                  Warner Propeller has a large inventory of overhauled propellers and governors including hard to find parts or parts that are no longer manufactured. If a factory new propeller is out of your budget, consider calling us for a quote on a zero time overhauled propeller or governor. We also offer exchanges.

Propeller & Governor Repairs
Warner Propeller has over 50 years of experience in propeller and governor servicing including diagnosing and repairing problems. Dennis draws on his 30 years of experience as a pilot and mechanic when it comes to trouble-shooting and correcting a problem. 

Propeller & Governor Exchanges
Warner Propeller offers exchanges towards factory new and overhauled propellers & governors. 

Homebuilt/Experimental Propeller & Governor Services
Warner Propeller has a long history with numerous experimental builders. Our 50 years of experience helps when trying to decide which propeller and/or governor set-up will work best for your airplane. We have a large selection of parts to build propellers and governors to the homebuilders specifications

Parts Sales to Other Prop Shops
Warner Propeller offers a wide selection of new and serviceable propellers, governors, and parts. Also a selection of new and serviceable spinners, back plates, and slip rings. Please contact us if you would like prices and availability on certain items. Please have the Model Number or Part Number of the item you are looking for.  

Public Speaking
Due to the highly specialized nature of propellers, many A&P and pilot ground schools offer little educational time for propeller operations and maintenance. Many propeller problems are due to lack of preventative maintenance and a general misunderstanding of how the propeller and governor function. As a community service, Warner Propeller offers free speaking engagements to area pilot groups and FAA sponsored events using hands on visual displays and a Power Point presentation. We can also provide out of state presentation services. Please call our office or use our online form located on our Contact Page for inquires.  

FREE Pick up and Delivery
​Warner Propeller offers free pick up and delivery services to most Arizona airports including some locations in New Mexico.  Arrangements can be made for pick up and delivery to Southern California airports. Call for details. Call for details.

Worldwide Shipping
Warner Propeller can provide overhaul and sales to owners of US registered aircraft in Europe and Asia. We are able to provide a Certificate of Airworthiness for our international customers.  We can arrange reliable shipping using UPS world sh
ip and/or Federal Express.