Warner Propeller & Governor Co.,L.L.C.

Warner Propeller and Governor Co., L.L.C. is a family  managed company.  The Warner family has been involved with servicing and selling propellers, governors and accessories since 1965.  As of 2015 that is 50 years of dependable service. Currently the company is managed by Dennis Warner Jr. and his wife Brooke Warner. 

The Warner name has been a part of the aviation community for three generations.  Dennis and Brooke hold repairman and pilot certificates.  They have attended many factory and FAA sponsored propeller training courses.  The mechanics at Warner Propeller are highly trained and hold repairman certificates and/or an A & P license.  The company has built a reputation on knowledge, trust and pride.  They believe their customers deserve dependable, quality workmanship.

Warner Propeller is dedicated to providing the best and most reliable services to the aviation community both domestically and worldwide.  The company is continually updating the equipment, training and processes to provide their customers with the highest quality.

PHONE: 520.294.5671

Warner Propeller & Governor Co. 

Since 1965

Proudly serving the aviation community since 1965